Algonquin Historic

Topics – Civil War, Railroads, Farms, Organiztions, Recreation

300  General Reference Books

310  Civil War -  15th, 36th and 95th Regiments

               History of the Thirty-Sixth Regiment IL Vol. During the War of the Rebellion, Bennett, 1999 Reprint

               History of the Ninety-Fifth Regiment, IL Infantry Volunteers, Wood, Reprint 1993

               Remembering the Civil War, Purn, 2005

               The Fox Valley Regiment in the War of the Rebellion, Purn, 2001

320  Transportation, Railroads

               Rural Railroads, Trails to Rails, Corliss, Reprint 1956

330  Farming, Rural Life

               McHenry County Self-Guided Barn Tour, Barn Preservation Group, 1997

340  Business Directories, Business Publications

350  Crimes, Courts, Police

360  Churches, Religion, Religious Organizations

370  Organizations, Clubs, Societies

370  Recreation, Founder Days, Festivals, Music Organizations         

                        1970  Founders Day Booklet, “Good Olde Days”

                        1971  Founders Day Booklet, “Remember When”

                        1972  Founders Day Booklet, “Time Was”

                        1973  Founders Day Booklet, “Those Were The Days”

                        1974  Founders Day Booklet, “The Way We Were”

                        1975  Founders Day Booklet,

                        1976  Founders Day Booklet, “Algonquin Salutes”

                        1977  Founders Day Booklet

                        1978  Founders Day Booklet

                        1979  Founders Day Booklet, “Give Us the Good Old Days”

                        1980  Founders Day Booklet, “We’ve Only Just Began”

                        1981  Founders Day Booklet, “Alg Welcomes You, Our Kind of Town”

                        1982  Founders Day Booklet, “Fun on the Fox”

                        1983  Founders Day Booklet, “Wojawa”

                        1984  Founders Day Booklet, “Riverfront Festival”

                        1985  Founders Day Booklet

                        1986  Founders Day Booklet, “Festival of Flowers”

                        1987  Founders Day Booklet, “We the People”

                        1988  Founders Day Booklet, “We the People”

                        1989  Founders Day Booklet, “Guide to Fun” 

390  City Directories, Phone Books



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