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1849 S.S. Chapell came to Algonquin and ran local hotel.

1855 Chapell became milk agent and conductor of the 1855 trains.

1868 L.H. Wenholz & James Philp bought out Frank Tomisky's General Mercantile.
Store located by the creek on Main Street.

1879 Edward Chapell, his son later takes over for his father in 1879.

1885 C.E. Chapell completes his new mansion that costs as much as 10 homes.

1891 C.E. Chapell is elected as village trustee with 69 votes out of 70 votes cast.

1894 Wenholtz buys out his business partner Philp.

1895 A fire burns down several buildings and kills two people.


Great Fire of 1895

Location of the Great Fire of 1895

Saturday last (August 16th), at midnight, the terrible cry of fire, resounded through the air, waking her citizens from their slumbers, to witness the most destructive fire ever in their midst.

The origin of the fire is not known, but is supposed to have started from the explosion of a lamp in the living rooms of Fred Kazar's shoe store, where it was first discovered. Help was telegraphed for far from Elgin, but before they could get ready they received word that they had the fire under control.

The buildings consumed were the one in which it started, the house of C.C. Chunn, Joseph Winke's store then into the residence of C. Chapell, being the best building burned.

Fred Kazar sacrificed his life in the vain endeavor to save his child. He had rescued two and was returning for the third, 'his four year old daughter, Sylva, when he was caught by two men who tried to pull him out, but he got away and went in which was the last seen of him until his charred body was found, while that of his daughter was completely cremated. At the inquest held by Coroner Cook, of Huntley, nothing further was developed. On his goods was $1,500. insurance, on his life was $2,000. in the Woodmen. Winkie was insured for $1,600.00 in the Queens Company. Mr. Chapells house was a new on with all modern improvements, and erected at a cost of over $8,000.00, being insured for two-thirds its value in the Harford of Connecticut.

The town has no fire protection, but water was supplied by the Condensing Co., whose hose was laid as far as it would reach, and water carried the rest of the way in cans. We understand that Sept. 1st, they will open bids for waterworks.

Death in Flames

Fred Kazar's Sacrifices His Life in the Vain Effort to Save
His Child Both Perish in the Flames

1895 C.C. Chunn moved back into a new store and home that was repaired.

1895 First water system is developed with 100,000 gal.resevoir for fires.

1895 New fire equipment is purchased and fire department is formed.

1896 Wenholtz opens new brick two story store on January 16th.

1898 Mrs. Keyes erects a two story building for a restaurant for $1,500 next to Wenholtz Building.

1911 Dorr W. Thomas given permit to build a Post Office next to Keyes Buildin


Wenhotz Building (built 1896)



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