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The great hunt for individual commonly termed as the wild man was directed by Sheriff Henderson. The posse was organized at an early hour in the morning and many automobiles were volunteered to transport the men to the scene of the hunt. Farmers were also on hand to aid and many autos from Cary, and it was estimated that 30 autos and fully the men were engaged in the united effort to locate and capture the man who has been terrorizing the people east of this village. The woods are dense in this section, the corn is all shocked, and all the barns are filled with hay and feed which made the efforts of the posse very slow, and by noon the roundup developed that no man had been driven form cover. At the old deserted house on the Suchy farm, freshly made foot prints of bare feet were discovered and parts of bread and smears of fresh jelly seemed to point to the fact that the quarry had made the house his stopping place the night before, but a most diligent search of the premises failed to produce the man. The chase was renewed with a zest in the afternoon and continued until night, the size of the party getting larger as the day wore on, and a large area was thoroughly covered, resulting only in the discovery of bare footprints in the fields a long way from where the prints were discovered in the forenoon. The search was abandoned for the time at 5 o'clock by the greater portion of the party, who returned to the village, tired out and very much disappointed. If the half dressed and probably demented individual was in hiding within the territory covered by this search, he surely displayed wonderful cunning in eluding detection, but as no reports of his having been seen nor of any further raids on provision stores have been reported, it seems possible that he may have concluded to move his capitol and operate in some section where he has so far failed to arouse suspicion, or he may have a reserve stock of provisions and is keeping under cover to make a later appearance. The inhabitants in this section are in a very uneasy state of mind until be shall either have been taken into custody or the fact established that he has left their locality, and it is reported that the farmers have offered a reward of $50 for him, and the first indication of his presence will develop another hunt that will be more exhaustive and determined than the first. No concise description of the man is available, as he has been described variously by fact that he is dressed in torn overalls and a long coat, is hatless and barefooted, and very swift of pace, is reported by all.

A report was sent to the village Tuesday morning of this week that the wild man had been seen on the Wilbrandt farm, and another party was at once organized to capture him. A search during the forenoon was with out results and the sheriff was called on to assist. The county official responded, bringing two bloodhounds, which were given the scent. The dogs led them to the banks of Fox river, where it was lost, and although efforts continued until evening, The wild man is still at large.

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